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Moodboard of the Month: September 2022

Can you believe it’s September already?! I’m the biggest fan of the ‘ber months. I may live in Florida, but for me, Fall is a mindset. You need to create your own sense of cozy when it’s over 100-degrees outside!

When it comes to design, I get asked most about outdoor spaces. Maybe it’s because the internet fell in love with our deck at our Airbnb, or simply because...they can be tough to design! Where do you start with something nature makes so hard to change, and how do you source pieces that stand up to the weather?!

So, I decided to take inspiration from my Airbnb, only we are going to the front of the house - the porch! I love a Fall porch, and when your porch is under cover, you can get away with so much more furniture and decor. Also, what says “Welcome Fall” more than a rusty colored and tonal entry to your home.

Shop the moodboard here! (Note: Some of these pieces are not available on the LTK app. Be sure to download the moodboard from my website each month for exclusive content!)

The layout

Let’s talk tonal! It’s a word/trend/design element I am INTO lately. It’s basically when you oversaturate a space with one color. That’s it. Some may call it mono-chromatic but that word sounds so bland to me.

I designed this porch being a little inspired by my own porches, but with you in mind. Not every porch has a centered front door allowing symmetry, so I really played with an asymmetrical layout here.

This gives you two vignettes of a fall front porch that you could really place anywhere on your porch. For example, the front door in our current home is far left-aligned. But we do have about 4 feet of railing before the doorway. So, I could even turn the bench you see in the design at a 90-degree angle and place it perpendicular to the door instead of alongside it on the same wall. That make sense?

Basically, take these elements if you wish and have some fun with it.

I am very excited about many of the pieces I’ve used here. They come from some of my favorite fall collections ever by some of my favorite designers, and I hope I get to see them in some of your homes!

I appreciate you being part of my community more than you know.

Bonus: I used parts of my September moodboard as inspiration for our real fall front porch this year! Check it out.

With cat love and a cozy pillow,


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