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Another Airbnb rug update? Yes, please!

I'm back with another installment of Boutique Rugs I love!

We added the Holi rug to our Airbnb's dining room a few months back, and now it's time to give our living room the refresh it's needed for a while!

Boutique Rug's Gael rug in cream was the perfect piece for the job. The rug pulls tons of neutral tones like beige, ivory and sage, complimenting our green Airbnb sofa very well.

Probably my favorite part about Gael is how lightweight it is. As an Airbnb host, cleaning textiles and vacuuming the floors are pretty much a constant. The modern pile of Gael makes it super easy for me to stay efficient - it's easy to maneuver during a deep clean, and it's holding up incredible well to our guests' foot traffic! We love a washable rug around here.

You can shop Gael here, and use my code JLSMITH for 5% off of already discounted prices!

Let me know what Boutique Rug's rug you're browsing in the comments!

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