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Canvassing Facebook Marketplace for a Giant Frame

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

First things first: Stretching a canvas is no joke. It takes time and expertise for it to be done right, so it’s also expensive.

I ordered this GORGEOUS printed canvas from Juniper Print Shop the moment I knew would be perfect in our entryway. Jenny Komenda found the original print in an antique shop in Italy, and with my ancestors hailing from the southern part of the country, this piece just spoke to me.

Juniper Print Shop makes it easy to shop IKEA frames that will fit their prints perfectly, but I wanted something gold and wasn’t up for painting a frame for this project.

The canvas itself is such great quality. But, with a kitchen reno wrapping up and a laundry room demo coming right behind it, $300 to properly wrap this canvas on a wood frame just isn’t in the cards right now.

I decided to get creative and find an oversized frame on Facebook Marketplace I could mount the canvas to using command tape.

Score: $35 for a 63”x47” frame. Yowza.

It took a few tries, but I painted over the poster the frame came with to create a faux photo mat once I attached the canvas centered with command tape.

Originally, I wanted to save the poster print on the front and just use the backing, but even after spray painting, the backing still looked pretty damaged.

I decided to paint over the poster print on the front side, and my faux mat looked flawless.

I also removed the plexiglass so my canvas’ texture can shine through, sans any glare from a glass front.

To mount the canvas, I lined the top edge with one long piece of command tape, and after measuring, placed it center with the right number of inches between it and the top of the frame, creating my properly measured “mat.”

I then folded the canvas over the frame, and added additional pieces of tape to secure the center and all the corners.

And, that’s all! This art makes the biggest statement and is visible right when you walk through our front door. Let me know if you’ll give this art-displaying method a try!

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