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Bedroom fireplace makeover

We restored the brick, but we also dismantled the...mantel. We re-tiled the hearth, installed a beam mantel, painted the trim and basically just made it look really damn good. And updated.

The entire project, beginning with stripping the caked-on paint off of our 92-year-old brick, started on February 25. It took a little over a month to finish the look we were going for, but our bedroom feels much more modern and cozy now that it's all complete.

Here are more behind-the-scenes looks amidst the "I have no idea what we are doing" phase.

And here is a "before" picture for good measure.

And finally, the moment you've been waiting for...(maybe not, but just let me have it....)

I'm drooling at how that brick is reflecting in the mirror. Now, someone pour me a margarita.

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