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Our "updated" kitchen

Enough touch-up that we made the place I would really "throw-down" in our own.

I knew it was cute, but danggg has it been photographing well these days. It really knows how to work its angles.

But you probably want to see the before, so...

Side note: Sellers and realtors who don't care enough to put effort into listing photos are the worst. I'm all for the realistic perspective the photos should depict (no one likes to be underwhelmed during a showing), but do you care about this house? Let alone selling it? I mean that doggy bowl, am I right? Anyways...

We were lucky that, while not recently updated, the cabinets and Corian countertops were in great shape when Matthew purchased the house on San Juan. A little bleach and elbow grease, and we've been able to revive and keep them white! I knew some additional upgrades would make the kitchen look picturesque, without having to spend a fortune.

First things first, hardware. I love updating hardware on just about any piece that you can find a screw on the inside of. Hardware can change the look of a cabinet, a night stand...I've even gone so far to change the hardware on a shabby chic entry-table back in the day.

You can find affordable drawer pulls on Amazon and Wayfair, and it's about the most simple DIY you can do to update the look of your space. No surprise here, but I chose gold for my metal, and found this faucet that is flexible and ridiculously easy to install - there's even the option to use a filtered water line hookup.

Next up, the appliances. Do appliances ever not scream "upgrade?"

We went with Whirlpool, and we are in love with our sleek dishwasher and french-door fridge. They are coming with us to the next house for sure.

And finally, the FLOORS! When the tile went in, I was giddy. And if you follow me on Instagram, you know I was ridiculous. I would hang out on the floor, take selfies on the floor, hosted Guinness' purrrthday party on the floor. Magical moments happened on this Merola tile that I will cherish forever, and probably cry over roughly once every two months. Definitely plan on paying homage to this tile in the new home at some point...

It's no secret I love my kitchen. So very much. Deeply and to my core. And I hope someone new will love it even more if that's humanly possible.

Photos by the incredible Jenny Boyer and Mike Hall.

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