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The house on San Juan.

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Once we got engaged, the word "home" started to mean something different.

Matthew closed on the house on San Juan 17 days after our first official dinner date. Everything was in motion for him to move into this house for some time before we ever had a beer together.

Only four months later, I joined him.

We've had a roommate, we've had no furniture, we've had ugly kitchen floors...a lot has changed to little San Juan since he purchased it.

When Matthew proposed, everything felt a bit different, in a good way. We had always talked about the house as "ours," and he's shown me many times that this house is mine, too. But, can you blame me for stalking the other historic beauties on the market and envisioning the dining room I would host future family Thanksgivings in?

We tried to keep our new-home searching to ourselves as much as possible when 2019 rolled around, and we even came close to owning a spanish-style charmer that we could build our lives in.

I like to think I'm spontaneous and adventurous most of the time, but truthfully, nothing excites me more than home.

Decorating home, cooking at home, building a home. So! It's time to seriously finish what we started at little San Juan, and I've finally got the energy to document it, and love on it some more.

When Matthew got the keys to his new pad...well...

I knew I could work with it. It was a scene out of 500 Days of Summer. We strolled through Home Depot, picking out paint colors and fixtures after only knowing each other for a few weeks. Phase 1 began, and brought us here.

Some bleach and deep cleaning, furniture purchasing and fixture mounting, and it finally felt like ours.

What we've been doing to the house since summer 2018 is what I like to call Phase 2.

Kitchen floors have gone in, along with brand new appliances and hardware, electrical outlets have been completely replaced, and the second round of paining has begun because apparently I really suck at picking paint colors.

I'll be creating my mood/inspiration pages, and sharing the work as we go. You'll see a brick restoration, fence installation, and maybe even a bathroom renovation I've been talking about for two years...maybe.

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