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We're married! Let's party

We have been putting a lot of work into our new 5 Points home in the heart of Jacksonville, and we look forward to sharing it with everyone for a cozy, backyard reception. 

We adore your children, but we have limited space at our Bungalow (and we intend to party!) Please use this weekend as a date night. 

Tacos, doughnuts, and cocktails will be served. 

Attire is dressy casual; we will be outside. Stay comfortable! 

Share the fun with #smithenkittens

Nearby hotels and AirBnBs

Hilton Garden Inn

Homewood Suites


Our wedding

During the afternoon of October 16, we reached the peak of Black Balsam Knob to exchange our vows 845 days since first standing on that very mountain together. 


A few years ago, we visited many cities in three different states on our first road trip together, but quickly realized that Asheville, North Carolina was special. After hiking Black Balsam Knob, a mountain located in North Carolina's Pisgah National Forest at 6,200 feet, we knew the city would hold many memories of our relationship.

Five days after our proposal, we agreed that Asheville is where we'd be married, among the beautiful balds of the Great Balsam and Blue Ridge Mountains that took our breath away. All we wanted was to celebrate our love in a meaningful place, drinking craft beer happily for the rest of the evening in our wedding attire (Asheville is known for it's incredible beer scene, with more breweries per capita than anywhere else in the U.S!)

We wanted a wedding day so focused on intention. Eloping feels like the most intentional way to get married to us - a day unique to us, and to share our love for each other to only each other.  And that's exactly what it was. 

We hope you enjoy these photos of our wedding day, and we are thrilled to have you continue the celebration of our love with us. 

- Matthew and Jessica

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